Information below will guide you on:

The verification services the QCTO offers:

The QCTO charges a nominal fee for all verifications completed. The fee may be amended annually in April. Please ensure that you are aware of the current fee when requesting a verification.

The QCTO can verify Trade Certificates issued by the following entities/departments:

  • Department of Manpower
  • Department of Labour
  • Department of Higher Education and Training
  • Former Homelands (TBVC States)
    • Transkei
    • Venda
    • Bophuthatswana
    • Ciskei

Please note:

The QCTO verifies all Occupational Certificates issued since 2016

Verify certificates issued by a SETA with the relevant SETA.

Verify certificates issued by a Training Board with the SETA that took over the functions of the Training Board.

Verify N4, N5, N6 and N Diploma certificates with the Department of Higher Education and Training

The verification process:

In order to manage the verification process effectively, the QCTO has implemented approved processes and procedures for the verification of certificates. A certified copy of the certificate must accompany all applications for verification. The copy must have been certified no more than three months prior submission for verification.

  • The certificate holder cannot apply directly to the QCTO for the verification of Trade Certificates, but should do so through one of the Verification clients registered with the QCTO.
  • Should you require information on the processes and procedures to verify a Trade Certificate, as well as information on verification clients registered with the QCTO, please forward your request to verification@qcto.org.za.
  • Individuals who require documentation for evaluation and submission to the Department of International Relations should submit such request to verification@qcto.org.za indicating ‘Evaluation’ in the subject line.
  • Individuals requiring the translation of their Trade Certificate into English should submit such requests to verification@qcto.org.za indicating ‘Translation’ in the subject line.

Should you wish to register as a verification client with the QCTO, please complete the online registration form by following the link “Register as a New Verification Client”.