Qualifications recommended to SAQA for registration

Banknote Processor

Civil Road Construction Constructor

Civil Services Constructor

Equestrian Coach Instructor

Physical Asset Manager

Physical Asset Practitioner

Plastic Manufacturing Machine Setter

Production Supervisor

Civil Structures Construction Constructor

Mobile Explosives Manufacturing Unit Operator

Perishable Goods Department Coordinator

Perishable Goods Replenisher

Radiation Protection Practitioner

Shelf Filler

Social Security Administrator

Vehicle Body Builder

Water and Sanitation Coordinator

Water Works Management Practitioner

Apparel Pattern Maker and Grader

Carton Manufacturing Machine Minder

Chemical Laboratory Analyst

Civil Engineering Materials Tester

Coldset Rotary Offset Lithography Printing Technician

Conference and Events Organiser


Crane and Hoist Operator(Scraper Winch Operator)

Crane and Hoist Operator(Winding Engine Driver)

Credit or Loans Officer

Currogated Board and Container Machine Minder

Dairy Unit Manager


Deck and Fishing Able Seaferer

Diamond Cutter and Polisher

Electrical Line Mechanic

Electronic Pre-press Flexographic Technician

Electronic Pre-press Gravure Technician

Electronic Pre-press Lithographic Technician

Electronic Pre-press Screen Technician

Electrician (Switching Operator)

Energy Management Advisor

Engine Management and Fuel Injection Systems Mechanic

Feed Miller

Fishing Deck Officer

Footwear Closing Production Machine Operator (Footwear Handlacing and Interlacing)

Fraud Examiner

Furnisher Designer

General Manager Public Service (Diplomatic Mission Administrator)

Heatset Rotary Offset Lithography Technician

Home Based Carer

Horticultural Farm Foreman

Insurance Health Administrator

Lamproom Supervisor

Leather Finishing Machine Operator

Livestock Farmer (Livestock Farm Supervisor)

Management Assistant

Marine Engineer

Mechanised Hard Cover Bookbinding Technician

Mechanised Soft Cover Bookbinding Technician

Mechatronics Technician

Mineral Processing Plant Operator

Mining Operator (Continuous Miner Operator - Underground Coal)

Mining Operator (Roof Bolt Operator - Underground Coal)

Minister of Religion (Christian Religious Practitioner)

Minister of Religion (Hindu Congregational Leader)

Mobile Mining Equipment Operator

Municipal Finance Manager

Natural Energy Healing Practitioner

Paper and Packaging Collector

Pharmacy Technician

Postal Frontline Service Worker

Productions  or  Operations Supervisor(Forestry)

Retail Buyer

Retail Manager (Retail Chain Store Manager)

Rubber Production Machine Operator

Teacher's Aide Inclusive Education

Text Editor


Trade Unionist

Train Controller (Train Control Officer)


Water Process Controller

Water Quality Analyst (Water Regulation Practitioner)


Yarn Production Machine Operator