Verification Client Online Registration Form:

Companies/Clients that will require multiple verification requests to be processed will select the option to register as a verification client with the QCTO. Individuals who require verification of a single or their own certificate may not register as a verification client with the QCTO.  

Should you wish to register as a verification client with the QCTO you are required to complete the online application form by completing the required fields on the application. It is a requirement to provide the contact information of at least two persons, one who will be responsible for managing the client Service Level Agreement (SLA) with the QCTO and will serve as liaison between the two organisations, the other is the person responsible for processing of payment (finance) of the verification requests completed. Invoices are submitted on a monthly basis when requests for a specific month were received as per the SLA and will serve as contact for the Finance Department of the QCTO.

After submission of the completed application form a standard Service Level Agreement will be drafted based on the company/client information supplied.  The Service Level Agreement will be e-mailed to the contact person for finalisation – that is signature by the relevant authorities.  The original Service Level Agreement must be delivered to the QCTO offices by hand, courier or post.  E-mailed documents will not be accepted.

Once the signed Service Level Agreement has been received the contact person will be informed of the processes and procedures to submit verification requests to the QCTO.

Follow the link Register as a new Verification Client which will take you to the landing page of the online system to complete and submit your application.