Does QCTO verify N4 – N6 Certificates and TVET Diplomas?

All N4 – N6 Certificates and TVET Diplomas must be verified by the Department of Higher Education and Training who can be contacted on

Why can I not request the QCTO to verify my own certificate?

You are the certificate holder and will be in possession of your original certificate.

Why can the public not pay the verification fee directly to QCTO?

Only registered verification clients of the QCTO who has entered into an agreement with the QCTO can request for a verification service and pay the agreed fee.

Is the trade certificate NQF aligned?

No, the trade is only registered on the NQF and is not aligned to a NQF Level. Once the new occupational (trade) is registered, it will reflect the NQF Level as registered on the NQF.

Does QCTO verify trade test reports?

No, the centre that issued the trade test report should be contacted for the verification of a trade test report.

Does the QCTO verify trade certificates issued by a SETA or a Training Board?

No, the SETA should be contacted for the verification of a certificate issued by them.

Does the QCTO verify wireman’s licenses, Occupational Health & Safety certificates and Government Certificates of Competency?

No, wireman’s license can only be verified by Department of Labour; Occupational Health and Safety (OHS), and Government Certificates of Competency (GCC) are verified by the Compensation Fund.

I require a verification/authentication of my trade certificate for emigration purposes.

The embassy will require an apostille to be issued by the Department of International Relations and Cooperation (DIRCO). DIRCO requires a letter of authentication issued by the QCTO for this process. The applicant can apply directly to the QCTO – for a letter of authentication. A minimum fee is payable for this service. More information can be obtained from the QCTO website or by sending an email to the verification address.

Queries related to verification may be forwarded to the QCTO verification email address: