The QCTO charges a nominal fee for all verifications completed. The fee may be amended annually in April. Please ensure that you are aware of the current fee when requesting a verification.

The QCTO can verify Trade Certificates issued by the following entities/departments:

  • Department of Manpower
  • Department of Labour
  • Department of Higher Education and Training
  • Former Homelands (TBVC States)
    • Transkei
    • Venda
    • Bophuthatswana
    • Ciskei

Please note:

Verify certificates issued by a SETA with the relevant SETA.

Verify certificates issued by a Training Board with the SETA that took over the functions of the Training Board.

In order to manage the verification process effectively, the QCTO has implemented approved processes and procedures for the verification of certificates. A certified copy of the certificate must accompany all applications for verification. The copy must have been certified no more than three months prior submission for verification.

  • The certificate holder cannot apply directly to the QCTO for the verification of Trade Certificates, but should do so through one of the Verification clients registered with the QCTO.

Should you require information on the processes and procedures to verify a Trade Certificate, as well as information on verification clients registered with the QCTO, please forward your request to verification@qcto.org.za.

  • Individuals who require documentation for evaluation and submission to the Department of International Relations should submit such request to verification@qcto.org.za indicating ‘Evaluation’ in the subject line.
  • Individuals requiring the translation of their Trade Certificate into English should submit such requests to verification@qcto.org.za indicating ‘Translation’ in the subject line.

Should you wish to register as a verification client with the QCTO, please complete the online registration form by following the link “Online Application”.

Verification Client Online Registration Form

Anyone can register as a verification client registered with the QCTO. Companies/Clients that will require multiple verification requests to be processed will select this option.

It is required to provide the contact information of two persons, one who will be responsible for submitting the verification requests to the QCTO and will serve as liaison between the two organisations, the other is the person responsible for processing of payment of the verification requests completed, who will serve as contact for the Finance Department of the QCTO.

After submission of the completed application form a standard Service Level Agreement will be drafted based on the company/client information supplied. The Service Level Agreement will be e-mailed to the contact person for finalisation – that is signature by the relevant authorities. The original Service Level Agreement must be delivered to the QCTO offices by hand, courier or post. E-mailed documents will not be accepted.

Once the signed Service Level Agreement has been received the contact person will be informed of the processes and procedures to submit verification requests to the QCTO.