The issuing of a trade certificate

When a candidate has passed a trade test, the trade test centre will send the candidate’s documents to the relevant SETA. The SETA will then forward such documents to the National Artisan Moderation Body (NAMB), who will recommend the issuing of a trade certificate for the candidate to the QCTO.

The QCTO will issue a trade certificate within 21 working days after receipt of candidate’s documents from NAMB. The candidate’s printed certificate is sent to NAMB for distribution.

Candidates must direct all communication regarding their certificates to the centre where the trade test was conducted.

Replacement of a trade certificate

The QCTO does not accept requests for certification from certificate holders. The certificate holders must thus channel their requests through an accredited assessment centre, INDLELA, provincial labour centre or a SETA.

An application form for replacement of a certificate can be obtained from the centre of application or NAMB.

The QCTO is also responsible for the replacement of lost or damaged certificates issued under the Manpower Act. The issuance of such certificates will be according to the Act under which it was issued.

The function of training boards, which included the certification, was transferred to the SETAs and therefore applications for the replacement of lost certificates previously issued by a Training Board must be referred to a relevant SETA.

Certificates issued by the QCTO

  • Trade certificates: for trades recorded on the National Learner Records Database of SAQA, but without associated occupational qualifications.
  • Occupational certificates: for learners who have proven competence against occupational qualifications or part qualifications, including occupational qualifications for listed trades.

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