I lost my trade certificate. Where can I go?

You can apply for a replacement certificate through your trade test centre/INDLELA or SETA.

I have lost my trade certificate which was issued by a SETA or Training Board prior to October 2013.  Where can I obtain a replacement of my trade certificate?

You can apply at the SETA for the replacement by submitting an application and detailed affidavit as to the reason for applying for a replacement certificate, together with a copy of your ID.  The request will be processed by the SETA and forwarded to NAMB for recommendation to the QCTO for issuing of a replacement certificate. This should not take more than 6 weeks to finalise.

I have passed my trade test more than 3 months ago and have not been issued with my trade certificate.

Enquire from your trade test centre/INDLELA or the SETA as to when the applications for certification was made through NAMB to the QCTO. Once the certificate is issued, the learner should collect the certificate from the trade test centre.

Is the QCTO responsible for registering and evaluating foreign trade qualifications?

The QCTO does not evaluate foreign qualifications. Please contact the South African Qualification Authority (SAQA).

I need a translation of my trade certificate from Afrikaans to English

The QCTO assists with the translation of the certificate by issuing a letter of translation. The certificate holder must request the QCTO directly for the translation. Requests should be emailed to verification@qcto.org.za and attach a copy of the trade certificate as well as a copy of the ID. The letter will be forwarded to the requester via email and the original letter can be collected from the QCTO office.

When is a person recognised as an artisan?

After s/he has passed a trade test and was issued with a trade certificate.

Queries related to certification may be forwarded to the QCTO certification e-mail address: certification@qcto.org.za